Aug 13, 2009

Fleshies scare me. When they’re fast, they kick kindergartener ass and remind me of early, breakneck Mudhoney. “Gonna Have to Pass” could easily be placed next to “Touch Me, I’m Sick.” That, I like a lot. When they slow down, they remind me of Journey. As a matter of fact, if you squint and forego the fact that the lead singer is in his saggy, stained undies for most of the set, he looks like a young Steve Perry of the aforementioned soft rock band. Victims Family. They formed in 1984 and have been very weird ever since. Their contribution, “Calling Dr. Schlessinger,” is an anti-ode to the right wing talk show host. It intentionally drags then slips into noise snatches, chanting, rock dirge, and audio collages. If you’re a digger of Negativland or Lard, you’re prime. If you like songs with basic structure, you’re fucked. Proceed with that in mind.

 –todd (Alternative Tentacles)

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