Jul 10, 2009

Fleshies: It sounds like they can pull polar opposites together and connect 'em with a little pocket of personal lightning. I may be the only one hearing this, but I hear the clang of both early Jam in the guitar and the exhilarating feeling of finding something really good in a dumpster. So incredibly catchy, like cooties or tetanus. PCP Roadblock: They sound just like their name, literally – like a crazy dude standing in your way in the middle of the road, babbling about how his socks are snakes. He won't get out of the way and all you want is a hot dog. Comes with intermittent screams. Kojak: I like. They're noisy and yelly and remind me of a more lysergic 400 Blows – under all that bluster and fuzz, you can hear some tricked up melodies. It looks like the drummer's got a microphone medical taped to his mouth so he can sing while pounding. Hortus: Throat goat, death metal vocals over a Joy Division-like synthesizer. Hmm. It's one of those things that sounds like it flies much better live, like the Imperial Butt Wizards. Bring on the roman candles and the teddy bear entrails.


 –todd (Wet Tail)

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