Jul 09, 2007

Fleshies rule. Who else could seamlessly pull together the seemingly incongruous elements of arena-worthy hard rock, chin-scratching weirdness, and bum-in-the-alley punk rock like it’s the most natural thing in the world? Who else could take a possible musical trainwreck and plug it directly into the pleasure center of my brain? This is a collection of old singles and out of print stuff, and it really shows how they’ve grown as a band. The earliest stuff is more formative, like a noisier version of old Turbonegro stuff, with hints of what they would become but not fully warped yet. As the CD progresses, so does the band, and songs like “Gonna Have to Pass” and “My Buddy” just plain rip. All told, people like me who already converted to The Church of Fleshies will love this. If you’re unfamiliar with this punk rock wrecking ball and would like to hear the musical equivalent of a mutant donkey sticking its dick in your ear (but in a really good way, I promise) check out The Sicilian first. This also has the drunkest live song that I have ever heard.

 –josh (Life Is Abuse)