Jul 10, 2009

I think of some bands as portals. I loathe Led Zeppelin, but, you know what? If you took out the stratospheric chipmunk vocalist, forefronted the drums, axed the solos, and cranked up the dirty, there's something respectable in there. Portal? On their full length, Fleshies had a song called, "Led Fuckin' Zepplin, Man." I liked how Fleshies pulled it off. I recognized some of the riffs that Bonham and Co. put together. (I worked a job that played a "get the Led out" segment – an hour of it every fuckin' day.) And it just may be that Fleshies are cracking my ear up a bit because, although they operate from a wide base of operations, musically, from operatic falsettos to '70s arena rock, to some grade-A non-ass punk classics, I find myself buckling up for their ride and enjoying the aural scenery. This time out, they pen one of the best song titles I've heard this side of a D4 album, "I Just Took the Most Punk Rock Shit of My Life." I can't recommend Fleshies high enough. They're sneaky, like a bum who really knows how to box. Federation X: They live up to their cracking, electrified blues boogie on four-stringed guitars reputation. It's very jammy – like when Zen Guerilla spools out – but with a nice, serrated edge and I can't say that I'm complaining.


 –todd (Molasses Manifesto)