FLESHIES: Brown Flag: LP

Jan 12, 2010

Weirdo DIY punk and arena rock coming together like chocolate and peanut butter, Fleshies, are really one of the most interesting bands in a long time. It’s funny, because before Scrape the Walls was released, I was predicting it to be their most straight forward effort, and then turned out to be very, very wrong. But now that they’ve settled into their own personal studio, taking their sweet time to really polish this one (and bring on more subtle Guns’n’Roses/arena rock comparisons). It’s definitely their most straight forward, and is absolutely great, though it still leaves me a little conflicted, because that weirdness was the charm of their older records. Though after repeated listens, there’s still some weirdness, it’s just a little more buried/subconscious. Either way, Fleshies records are like apples and oranges—you can’t compare them on their own, but they’re all still excellent in their own way. And hopefully they’ll be back from this “hiatus” nonsense.

 –joe (Recess)