FLESHIES: Brown Flag: LP + CD

Mar 04, 2010

Pure speculation: John Geek, the singer for the Fleshies, has found an inner happiness and resolve. This is the most posi Fleshies record, by a landslide. Also, the pseudopodal separation of Triclops! from the “don’t call it a comeback, we’ve been here all along” Fleshies has completed. Triclops! (a band that features many of the same members of the Fleshies) takes care of all the huge and loud and longer tangents. Fleshies takes care of the smart whips of weird pop sensibilities. Explanation: Fleshies have been grooming an AC/DC meets direct-to-the-central-nervous-system form of DIY punk for years. This is their most singularly focused effort. I’m making another assumption that the cover of this album is a close-up of some mold or fungus or something. It sorta looks like asphalt on first glance. But when it’s all blown up, the little details that you’d most likely miss if you glance at the mold at arm’s length start revealing intricate details and patterns and neat stuff. And that’s what this record sounds like, in a purely Fleshies way. Definitely recommended.

 –todd (Recess / Sugar Mountain)