FLESH RAG: Self-titled: LP

Jan 19, 2016

The factoids: three piece from Toronto. Second pressing of a one-sided red vinyl LP, limited to one hundred copies with a squiggly silkscreen on side B. The feelings: first song sounds joyously and raucously like Portland’s beloved Minds—punchy, swaggering, and ferocious. Just charming as hell. Unfortunately, that starter-gate momentum gets dragged into the muck with a number of subsequent mid-tempo dirges replete with reverb-washed vocals and feedback solos. Every once in a while there are flashes of that same initial velocity, but it’s sparse. The results: Flesh Rag’s kinda fast, kinda slow. Kinda garage punk, kinda punk, kinda just moored in SST-like dirges. A little too all over the map for me. If this record was a kid in Punk Class, he’d be sitting in the middle of the room, not really sticking out all that much, turning in his assignments mostly on time, and occasionally say something fucking brilliant.

 –Keith Rosson (Surfin’ K)