FLESH PANTHERS: Self-titled: 7”EP

Sep 24, 2014

On Smurf blue vinyl, this four piece out of Chicago flows in the vein of sticky summer night garage rock. Like FIDLAR without the pubescent boy band vocals, these cats scratch out four new songs. (A mislabeled track listing dictates I identify songs by number). First up, Ty Segall hooks and intestine-quivering yowls oughta loosen up your joints while the second cut leans into a Rolling Stones twang mocked up with Mick Jagger’s exaggerated Texas British accent. On the flip side, the third track coasts along on a simple verse, chorus, verse singalong and clean guitar solo. “Gimme a Night” takes up a Ramones gang harmonization and an easy, breezy surf structure. Promising Chi-Town garage. Here’s to hoping they prowl into town. Let the good times roll. Recommended. 

 –Kristen K. (Tall Pat)

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