FLATLINERS, THE: The Great Awake: CD

Jan 07, 2008

I think I was predisposed to hate this. I figured that it was going to be another lame, emo “disco punk” think that everyone seems to be putting out en masse. It’s true; I judged it by its simplistic black and orange cover with ghetto blasters and butterflies on it. It’s angular font… I guess I’m an asshole. Musically, it starts out with those soaring guitars and galloping drums that you would expect from a band on Fat. “Oh great, eMo-FX” I said to myself, but it didn’t turn out half bad. In the end I can say that The Flatliners take some elements from great bands like Riverboat Gamblers and Dillinger Four and blend it up with a little more screaming and metal tinges a la Death By Stereo. I’m really trying hard to stay away from the “blending bands” comparisons, but in this case, that’s what I hear. It got better with each listen, but just not up to the level of the aforementioned bands.

 –ty (Fat)