Sep 05, 2006

Despite the rad Mike Bukowski cover, and for whatever inappropriate reason, I’d already written these guys off as some ham-handed hardcore straight edge act before I’d even heard them. They would, I imagined, simultaneously sing about unity and being stabbed in the back, double-crossed, etc. The usual straight edge fare, right? This is the obvious danger of presumption, because I was one ill-prepared mofo when I actually played this record and lightning started flying around the room. Thing is, I didn’t even care when the roof flew off, the cat went flying out the window and every piece of glass in the place shattered. What I mean is, this shit is so goddamn good it’s ridiculous, and within the first fifteen seconds of “See It Through,” my preconceived notions and every bone in my body had simultaneously evaporated. Musically, they’re taking the melodic-but-venomous approach that bands like Death Is Not Glamorous and Fingerprint have utilized so well, coupled that with stop-on-a-pinhead precision, anthemic vocals, furious and weaving guitar interplay, all of it. It’s just a mean production all around. These cats are just so spot-on, and there’s a relentless catchiness to the whole endeavor, my only complaints are that these are the band’s last recorded songs and that it was over way, way too quickly. This one’s a keeper.

 –keith (Slab-O-Wax)