This just sounds like the southeast. Catchy and chaotic and screaming to get out but happy and narcoticized by lush green surroundings and barefoot summers and not being sure if you love how your neighbor always says “Hi” or if you wish they’d butt out for once. Set this in a college town: Indie pop punk bands Superchunk and Archers Of Loaf are playing a club on the main strip, in between the fratboy pizza place and the antique shop where professors buy lamps. Assfactor 4 and some other chaotic emo bands are making the walls sweat at a basement show a couple blocks into the neighborhood. Flashlights are standing under a streetlight halfway in-between, pulling quickly warming beers from a soggy cardboard box, realizing they don’t have to choose—they can stand right there and enjoy both shows.

 –CT Terry (Protagonist Music)