FLASH EXPRESS, THE: Ride the Flash Express b/w Feel These Blues: 7"

Jul 09, 2009

Hmm. I’m not so big on the neo-funk urban faux-gospel explosion. I’d rather tap the headwaters of James Brown instead of the runoff tributaries. I remember not liking the Make Up for the same reason. The singer’s voice sounds like a poodle with its nuts getting flicked with a rubber band. I remember not liking the Mooney Suzuki, too. So much posturing and butt jutting and pouting for effect, it’s kinda like walking into a room of people you’re not sexually attracted to masturbating and they’re calling you out for not taking it in the eye or clapping at the end of it. Fill the experience in with a bunch of “Hey now!”s “Yeow!”s and “Feel it!”s as the guitars get wanky and get flaily. Sorry. Headline’s a great record store. You should go there when you’re in LA.

 –todd (Headline)