FLASH ATTACKS, THE: Pray for Death: CD-R

May 10, 2007

You know the drill: the guitarist goes by the moniker Feces (you kiss your mother with that mouth, Feces? Gross!), song titles include “Worthless Wage Slave,” “Toxic Mind Pollution,” and “Terror TV,” the cover’s pixilated-as-hell, with the demo’s title spelled out in a bone font. What makes the Flash Attacks slightly above average is the fact that while the lyrics are still pretty simplistic, there are little lyrical jewels scattered throughout that says to me that with a bit more work, they could be busting out some really good, thought-provoking songs here pretty soon. Kind of reminds me how Forced March and/or Strung Up may have sounded when they first started out. Comes with a sweet patch.

 –keith (Circle F)