FLAPJACKS, THE: Move to Mars: CD

Jul 06, 2007

...i think i was pretty much at the forefront of the anti-rockabilly counter-movement around 1981/82, when rockabilly was briefly adapted as the “it” music du jour by a number of trend-surfing suburban American teens; further, the whole “Renaissance Faire” aspect of things (as Todd Kellner of Trick Knee records once astutely pointed out) makes rockabilly an understandably easy target for showers of disdain from people who believe themselves to be enmeshed in a more worthy musical movement. True dat, bro, but, when all is said and done, it must be admitted that, despite all the amputations, rockabilly is an inherently GOOD music. The beat, the rhythms, the syncopations, the basslines—this stuff is the birthright of all Americans; anything you, as an American, perceive amiss with Rockabilly In General can and should be considered the result of mere operator error. That said, i’d likely stick around sucking Schlitz™ ‘til closing time with the Flapjacks were they to play at one of my local watering holes, but, given a good half-century of other rockabilly recordings clamoring for consumer attention, i am not so sure this one cracks the Top 1000 (if the Move to Mars theme was, in fact, an attempt to finish up the Holy Trinity started by Rocket to Russia and Saucer to Saturn, i withdraw that last allegation entirely). BEST SONG: “I Ain’t the One”—“Deep Purple-a-billy” is really a term that should get more use. BEST SONG TITLE: “Move to Mars” FANTASTIC AMAZING TRIVIA FACT: I used to think that Bender’s classic line in the second episode of Futurama™ was “I’m starting my own amusement parkwith flapjacks! And hookers!”—not “with blackjack! And hookers!” Aw, forget the blackjack!

 –norb (Last Chance)