FLAMINGO 50: Tear It Up: LP

Flamingo 50 is one of those bands that I’ve heard about for years and it was something I always meant to check out but never did. Holy cow, this stuff is great! Strong female vocals from Louise Hanman, with a twinge of her Northern England accent. She busts out some fantastic power pop guitar melodies with the occasional sweet solo. The bass bubbles along with the roll of Hanman’s voice and keeps a dancey beat throughout the whole record. It’s prevalent in all the right ways. Drummer Morgan Brown kills it with the fills and knows just when to back off and showcase their introspective lyrics. There are backup vocals on a few tracks and they add so much volume to this band. One of the last tracks on this record is “Wrong Time Wrong Place” and it is a wonderfully powerful breakup song from the perspective of having to get out of a relationship for the betterment of yourself. The verses have such an undulating flow and never waver. I found myself shouting lines like, “I’ve tried so hard and got nowhere / Stuck in a rut but I could care / As long I keep close to me,” by the second spin. Tear It Up was originally released back in good ol’ 2006 but was only just pressed on vinyl in 2013. Limited to six hundred copies, it’s worth picking up, and quickly. 

 –Kayla Greet (Drunken Sailor, drunkensailorrecords.co.uk / Rad Girlfriend, radgirlfriendrecords.com)