Mar 14, 2007

Having never ere been blessed by the discordant throes of the Flaming Tsunamis (I live alternately under a rock and in a cave), I was a bit put off the record’s opening by what seemed overt Napalm Death-esque stylings. That soon passed, however, since not only do I like Napalm Death-esque stuff if done well, but the horns that kicked in a few seconds later really took the edge off. It was like getting the crap knocked out of me by somebody who was making me laugh and dance while he kicked in my head—pleasure and pain, the beautiful and the repugnant all at once. I really like this record because there is a true edge of dark malevolence and grim revelry in twisted gore, but the Flaming Tsunamis don’t appear to take themselves completely seriously, whether it’s the injections of horns and/ or ska riffs into the metal at various points, or the sardonic, tongue-in-cheek humor that underwrites so much of the record. Good, good stuff.

 –Eric Carlson (Kill Normal)