FLAME ON: Corrupt Mind: CD

Apr 29, 2016

Flame On’s only vinyl release is close to my heart as it came out when I was sixteen. It blends with long summer nights with friends; not a care in the world when the U.K. punk scene was a small family of like-minded folk. To me, the songs still stand the test of time twenty-five years later, sounding very English, yet clearly influenced by the American bands… with touches of the Descendents, Embrace, and Articles Of Faith. This disc has the 7” and a pile of demos, which all sound pretty good. If this lot were a football (soccer) team, they would be second division, for sure. Of all the Boss Tuneage recent catalogue of history, this is probably the least mandatory. If you were there, it’s worth the price of admission. I still think what Aston is doing—pulling together the history of a time—is admirable and I continue to look forward to each and every one. 

 –Tim Brooks (Boss Tuneage)

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