FLAKES, THE: Back to School: CD

Aug 15, 2006

The bossest hosses this side of the 1960s Northwest scene have released a full-length that blows away everything else released this year. Ass-shakin’ garage rock that dares you to remain still while everybody else fills the dance floor and steals your girlfriend the second you sit down to take a breather. Eight exquisitely chosen covers (Richard And The Young Lions’ “Open Up Your Door” and the “Shake/Hold On” medley by Shadows Of Knight/Sam And Dave are standouts) sit among six originals that stomp, twist, and wobble so hard you’ll be bleeding from the soles of your feet and the drums of your ears. Vocals sung with snotty exuberance, thumping, boom-boom drums and bass, and blister popping guitars make “That’s All,” “Talk About You,” and “Sadie Slye” some of the finest tunes of recent memory. Had Chuck Berry, Little Richard, The 13th Floor Elevators, Them, and The Real Kids jerked off into a Petri dish, I’m positive the resulting experimental growth would have ended up something very much like The Flakes. Surprise photos in the insert will not disappoint. If you don’t own this and aren’t already on your way to buy it, you’re an asshole. Highest possible recommendation.

 –benke (Dollar)