Jan 19, 2016

I consider F.O.D. to be right at the tail end of the original maxi-wave of hardcore, which means they’re one of the last hardcore bands in which I have legitimate interest. Always interesting to hear how skilled practitioners of the craft work with its obligatory millstones of tempo and song structure to create something that transcends, even briefly, the last thirty years of mind-numbing stupefaction with which the genre has presented us, but they get it done on “Under My Dumb” and “Suicide Squeeze.” Merda are some nutty Brazilians who want to wax your bikini area and sing about pudding. I don’t think god wants it any other way. BEST SONG: Merda, “Cica Pudding” BEST SONG TITLE: Merda, “Can I Try the Hell?” FANTASTIC AMAZING TRIVIA FACT: The cover painting of two smoking elves was made by the mother of Merda’s guitarist in 1969.

 –Rev. Norb (SRA, srarecords.com, [email protected])

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