Jan 19, 2016

As a publicity stunt, this release from two of Philadelphia’s finest bands was originally announced as a lost record, recorded in 1985. It isn’t. But it is a fun attempt at trying to sound as 1985 as possible by two groups that were there. Love them or hate them, Dead Milkmen mean a lot to a lot of us. When I first started listening to punk and hardcore in junior high in the mid-1980s, they were one of the first things I heard. A lifelong fan, I’ve grown to accept the fact that some of their output isn’t as remarkable as their classic early records. Their track on this split is one of their strongest in a long time, channeling the best of the primary Milkmen by combining biting, satiric lyrics with catchy, wacky, fast music. F.O.D., perhaps most famous for being referenced in a Dead Milkmen lyric, are an underrated group in their own right, with their three entries on this split being highly enjoyable as well. Forget the fact that this isn’t a lost record and find it, if that makes any sense. Neither band has put out anything this vital in ages, so it’s a welcome return to form for two crucial outfits of punk—past and present.

 –Art Ettinger (SRA, srarecords.com, [email protected])

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