Jul 06, 2007

A split 7” from a couple of Illinois grindcore/crust/noise/punk bands. Christ, I didn’t know bands like this even considered the 7” as a viable format. I got to say thank god they do ‘cuz this slab o’ wax hit me like the proverbial ton of bricks (back side of the head, never saw it coming) and twisted my zine reviewin’ realm all upside down and inside and out. I reckon these lads have some Arab on Radar records in the house and know what words like HydraHead and Relapse mean in the grand scope of mindfuck rock’n’roll. I’ve got to wipe that drool off my lip now as I ponder the age-old question: Should I have played that at 33 rpms or 45 rpms? Like a Butthole Surfers record, it worked both ways.

 –greg (Take It Back)