FIYA: Better Days: CD

Jun 29, 2007

I’m torn right down the middle with this album. Half the songs fit right in between the two bands on No Idea with the word “North” in their names. It sounds like they’ve been weaned on Rites of Spring, but it also sounds like they’re playing too fast. Instead of being exciting, the faster ones sort of blur together, and the result is something that I like and would enjoy in a live setting, but not something that I would throw on just for the hell of it. The other half of the songs, the more mid-tempo ones, musically remind me, astonishingly enough, of my two favorite Japanese bands at the moment, Baggage and Minority Blues Band, where it’s still chaotic, but instead of sounding blurry, the songs explode all over the place. Also, even though I’m 50/50 on the music, I’d like to point out that I am completely against them dedicating this album to little babies.

 –josh (No Idea)