FIX, THE: At the Speed of Twisted Thought: CD

Nov 21, 2006

Yep, you read that right, kids, we’re talking about thee Fix here, legendary, long-gone Michigan hardcore band whose 45s fetch a pretty penny from those who play fast ’n’ loose with their fundage. Collected here for those of us, not blessed with huge stashes of disposable income are the band’s two EPs, their track from the Process of Elimination comp, assorted outtakes and a live set from 1981 that sounds like it came straight off the board. Like the Big Boys releases T&G put out last decade, there is also much to read about the band, courtesy of Tesco Vee, Byron Coley, Tim Tinooka (I still have a couple of copies of Ripper fanzine kicking around here somewhere), Thurston Moore and others. For those not in the know, this is not complex, intricate-runs-through-scales-type hardcore made by kids who’ve spent way too much time honing their “craft.” We’re talking guttural, virtually tuneless, blunt force trauma thug-rock from a band that was playing hardcore before it had a name, and these tunes still deliver the goods. It amazes me that, some twenty years of development later, so much of what passes for hardcore anymore (and yes, I know there are exceptions, so don’t inundate me with lists of said exceptions) can’t hold a candle to bands like this. They needed no warp factor nine tempos, state-of-the-art production, or even good gear to beat you upside the head with a song. Gather ‘round and hold on tight as I set the stereo volume for “annihilate,” ’cause this is literally going to blow your fucking minds….

 –jimmy (Touch & Go)