Jul 06, 2010

Decent split here. Fix My Head are blazing hardcore with a vocalist who has an awesome, bellowing voice. His voice hits like a ton of bricks, and I have to say, really gives the band’s sound a tough edge. The music is fast and abrasive, but there are some layers as well. “Wish” is my favorite on here. The guitar accentuates the twisted outlook presented in the lyrics. The only throwaway on here is “Mission: Hipster.” Hipsters have “plagued” that area for a long time, so why bother with writing a song about it? There are far more pressing issues in this world that need addressing. Knife In The Leg remind me of Sista Sekunden, with their tuneful hardcore and vocal delivery. “New City Looks” is a scorcher. Fast and relentless. While KITL are good, their lyrical matter tends to stick close to critiques of punk. I find that sort of stuff too easy. Where’s the real protest when all you can do is fight amongst yourselves? If you’re doing a record, you should make every inch of that vinyl count. It’s like if you have a patch of wet cement. Are you going to take that opportunity and write something like “Death to posers!” or something more relevant and universal like, “Ever feel like killing your boss?” Just to be clear, both bands on here are really good, and I hope to hear more music from them soon.

 –M.Avrg (Inimical,