Jul 26, 2009

NOTICE TO BANDS THAT WANT TO BE REVIEWED: If you decide to make a stupid joke song that sounds nothing like the rest of your music, make it really short if possible, but if nothing else, do NOT put it first on your album. The first track was so lame and horrible that I almost took out the CD and threw it away, knowing it would have no resale value and that nobody I know would like it... but wait! The rest of the songs are... real! Reminds me of the art punk I see live in converted loft spaces with DIY shows with lots of metal influence. Screamy bike punk stuff! Wow! These guys would have made a really great CD if they didn't ruin it with that annoying first track that I would have to fast forward to listen to this album ever again. Imagine for your birthday, your friends baked you the best tasting cake ever, it just has dog doo for decoration. I would likely endorse these guys live, other releases by them, or a version of this album in reverse order.

 –rich (Not Bad)

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