FITT, THE: When The Fitt Hit the Shan: LP

If i was strong enough to lift a phone book made entirely of lead, and said phone book was covered with some type of rubberized coating that gave it at least modest boingy-ness, then i’d imagine that beating myself repeatedly over the head with that item would spiritually approximate listening to this record. Heavy as shit, but still concise ((case in point: This eleven-song records spins at 45 rpm)). Slightly reminiscent of Japan’s occasionally excellent Mad Capsule Markets, but from more of a homemade American rust belt no hope loser type of angle. I don’t usually go in for “heavy,” but i’ll freely admit this is one leaden phonebook that’s not going to wind up in the recyclables. BEST SONG: “Fresh Meat.” BEST SONG TITLE: “When The Fitt Hit the Shan.” FANTASTIC AMAZING TRIVIA FACT: The back cover reminds me of the back cover of the Lazy Cowgirls’ “Tapping the Source” album. The front cover is just a bunch of naked ladies.

 –norb (Deadfinger)