May 01, 2012

Fistula manage the tough act of being sludgey and semi fast at the same time. Not a lot of bands can do this, and even less can make it sound good. Fistula do it like a bunch of pros. They make it sound effortless and every song is a crusher. The bass and drums work together like a blunt, yet sharp, instrument that is stabbed into your skull over and over. Yet, instead of being in pain, you’re actually stoked. Perhaps this is a blood-free form of aural trepanning? Copious amounts of low end buzz and ooze, then the drums will launch into some hyper speeds, and you can hear the avalanche happen through the din of distortion. Then, suddenly, it’s back to a near-glacial pacing for a more introspective attack. I can’t get over how awesome the drums are on this. They’re so fuggin’ heavy and it sounds like Nate Lineham is out to annihilate every single piece of his kit. There’s pummeling bass drum, then you have the rapid attack off the snare and other toms. If you like Weedeater and Buzzoven, then this record will be of much-needed attainment.

 –M.Avrg (Patac,

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