FIST FULL OF KNUCKLES: Live on Tom Paine’s Birthday: CD

Jul 07, 2006

I feel cheated out of the FFOK experience. I’m not a friend of theirs, so I don’t know a thing about Karl’s girlfriend Stacey or how she punched through John’s window. Nor do I know the magic of what must be their dozens of basement shows and impromptu party sets. That being said, I’ll say I can’t fully and fairly critique this fairly well recorded live folk punk record. I don’t know if that’s what they call themselves, but I think that’s the term most people would identify them with these days. Fist Full kids…I want you to put out a properly recorded record and tour out of North Dakota so I can fully appreciate the experience. And I’m sure it’s an experience.

 –guest (This Could Work)

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