Mar 03, 2011

Okay, full disclosure time: I play in a band with the guitarist of Fisherking. I’ve known the guy who put this record out since dinosaurs roamed the earth. Shit, I’ve even been in a band with the drummer’s cousin. That’s how incestuous this gets. On the other hand, I’m not known as the world’s most positive reviewer. Ben (the aforementioned guitarist) actually shuddered a little when he heard that I had gotten this in my review package. So, seriously, I won’t steer you wrong. Forget It is a pretty damned solid first release from this young hardcore band. There are a lot of lazy-ass reviewers out there who have categorized this as an ‘80s hardcore throwback, but that’s not really accurate. Sure, they’ve been known to cover the Bad Brains or Minor Threat, but that doesn’t make them a retread band. They have elements of that sound but come across as more modern than that. They have elements of current day hardcore but have completely avoided the doucheyness so inherent in that scene/sound. There are little bits of more melodic punk in the mix as well, but not so much that it turns me off or overpowers the more aggressive stuff. The drums are spot-on and the guitar work even shows hints of originality. (Always an endangered species when it comes to hardcore.) If I had any complaints at all, it would be with the relatively monotone vocals. They aren’t bad, necessarily, but they aren’t very memorable. If these guys progress a little bit and nurture those dissonant guitar parts, I think they could show real promise.

 –Ryan Horky (Bermuda Mohawk)

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