FISCAL CLIFF: Self-titled: Cassette

Fiscal Cliff is a great name. Admit it. First time I saw them it was their first show and were just a duo at the time—guitar and drums—but the sound was huge. Not in terms of volume, but it was so intricate with unique time changes and just sweet guitar lick’n’loop, one after the other. Drums pounding—slightly chaotic—but they definitely would catch up to the frantic, melodic guitar. Well, they’re all fine-tuned now, but have added bass to their lineup. Keith’s vocals undeniably sound like Ed Kowalczyk from the grunge rock band Live. It fits well with their Mission Of Burma sound. It’s got layers of alt and grunge woven through their post-punk sound. Rumors of an East Coast tour are circulating. Keep an eye out. 

 –Camylle Reynolds (Self-released)