FIRST TIME, THE: You Can’t Hurt Me: 7” EP

NOTE: All my 7” reviews were done with the lights out this issue. WHAT I THOUGHT IN THE DARK: Song #1: I kinda like this, there’s a part that reminds me a little of some of the bridge in “Erotic Neurotic” by the Saints. Song #2: I kinda like this, it’s got a cool lead. Song #3: I kinda like this, probably because i liked the first two songs. Bonus Track: HEY! “THROW IT AWAY” by the GERMS!!! I LOVE this song! This record is cool! WHAT I THOUGHT WHEN THE LIGHTS CAME ON: That was about it, since the record didn’t come with a picture sleeve. BEST SONG: “Throw It Away” BEST SONG TITLE: “Throw It Away” FANTASTIC AMAZING TRIVIA FACT: I like everything the Germs ever recorded in a studio, EXCEPT for the GI album, which is kinda weird, if you think about it.

 –norb (Jonny Cat)