FIRESTARTER: “Saturday Night (Is the End of the World)” b/w “Rock’n’roll People”: 7"

Mar 03, 2011

Figuring the turnover rate in punk, pardon me if you know this tune: Firestarter’s some of the guys—Fifi and Sammy, I do believe—from Teengenerate. Teengenerate were a Japanese garage band who handed America its ass in the ‘90s. Firestarter are Teengenerate’s power pop / smoother (dare I say Bay City Rollers at times?), well-groomed doppelganger. For whatever awesome reason, they sing in English and for the untuned ear, it takes a bit to realize they’re not singing in Japanese. It adds to the charm. So, since this is 2011 and if you’re down with Gentleman Jesse, Rough Kids, and Marvelous Darlings, it’s probably a good idea to do some back-exploring to Firestarter. This 7” is great. I wonder if 2003’s Livin’ on the Heat LP will ever get released Stateside, vinyl-like.

 –todd (Shit Sandwich / The Modernist)