FIREBALLS OF FREEDOM: Welcome to the Octagon: CD

Aug 13, 2009

Their last CD, Total Fuckn’ Blowout, was a damn-fine recording. I’ve only got to hear their first release The New Professionals a few times, but I’ve heard most the songs off it at one time or another. And now this thing called Welcome to the Octagon. Jesus Christ! Recorded in Texas at the Sweatshop right after Garage Shock and with a new bass player (Dr. Multilingual Love) this might be my favorite so far. With songs titled “Panties Off” and “Swamp Wolf,” in my humble opinion, you can not go wrong, my friends. But the thing that puzzled me—better yet intrigued me, is the title of the record itself. One word, especially…. Octagon. I see this and I think Octopussy (007). I think Dr. Octagynecologist. Stop signs. It brings up thoughts of eight-armed ju-ju spirits. This needs more research. Peoples of the sonic rumbles, listen at it!

 –brian (Estrus)

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