Sep 09, 2009

After listening to Fireball Ministry’s FMEP, what can one say other than, “Metal Lives!” Yeah, it may sound like something overheard at a Heavy Metal Parking Lot screening, but the words still ring true for a band like Fireball Ministry. Imagine grabbing four of the biggest stoners from your high school days and sticking them in the garage. Lock the door. Leave the stereo, a few instruments and every Ozzy-era Black Sabbath record. Come back six months later and listen to them play. Chances are, the results will sound like Fireball Ministry - slow, plodding beats that induce all sorts of head-bobbing, crusty hescher guitars and even the occasional metal castrato. This is the sort of album that will instigate air guitar battles and headbanging sessions that end in whiplash. Trust me, that’s not a bad thing.

 –liz (Small Stone)