FIRE AND ICE : $5, 3” x 5”, printed, 52 pgs.

Nov 20, 2012

A zine of “warm, cool, and spicy vegan recipes,” which I couldn’t try out myself because I only have a little camper stove at home and cooking complicated things is a pain in the ass (who am I kidding, I wouldn’t have anyway), but which look inventive and delicious, as well as appropriately spicy. These are all from the twisted mind of Joshua Ploeg, who is probably a big fat nobody to most of you, but has done a whole bunch of cool, admirable stuff with his life (and this is only from my peripheral knowledge of his projects since I was in high school) like running a legendary underground restaurant in Seattle, singing in the fantastic Behead The Prophet, and doing fundraising meals for the awesome Vera Project, a Gilman-esque youth-run music venue in Seattle, without which I would have likely dropped punk like a bad habit after a brief flirtation in eighth grade, in which case I wouldn’t be sitting here in a college library typing out zine reviews, so it is my obligation to blindly (taste-blindly?) give this zine the highest recommendation possible, which I don’t feel too unethical about because from what I’ve actually heard, this guy’s recipes cannot fail to blow your mind. Vegans, take note! -Dave Brainwreck (