FINGERS, THE: Isolation: 7” EP

Jan 06, 2011

The Reader’s Digest version of the story: The Fingers (not to be confused with the infamous ‘90s East L.A. band of the same name) were a band outta Pittsburgh circa 1977. Wanting to garner attention, the sent out this EP in their promo packs instead of cassettes. No one paid much attention, the vast majority of the EP’s copies were summarily lost in the void, and the band remained unknown to all but the most ardent collectors, who were more than happy to pay silly prices for copies. Brooklyn’s Last Laugh Records has decided to throw a wrench into collector profiteering by culling the three tracks from the original master and reissuing this primal Ramones-via-Detroit punk classic. Is it worth all the hoopla, you ask? Well, I personally don’t think any fuggin’ 45 is worth four grand, but they were a helluva band and I definitely hear what gets the Killed By Death crowd so worked up. I would imagine this pressing itself is limited, so you’d best hurry before you’re paying silly prices for this as well.

 –jimmy (Last Laugh)