FIND HIM AND KILL HIM: Cut Them to Pieces: CD

Mar 15, 2008

You know those shows where a band unknown to you burst out with their first song and catch your attention? They then fuck it all up by going on some political rant, which explains their next song, but the rant is longer than the song itself. And this continues for every song. Usually young. Mostly hardcore. Rarely profound. Enter Find Him And Kill Him. They include the rants after each song’s lyrics in the liner notes. One includes the following gem, “Every couple of years, various sub-genres of punk achieve some modicum of mainstream success.” First of all, you can’t achieve “some modicum” (literally “some a little”) of success, you can achieve a modicum, but that’s another story. My point of contention is in that they believe their statement to be true. Other than pop-punk (one sub-genre, one extended time frame), what facets of punk have become successful to even a small degree within mainstream society? The majority of the album falls into the same pattern of presenting a pretty weak argument for whatever it is that they’re against in a particular song. As for the music: pretty generic hardcore. 

 –megan (Happy Couples Never Last)