FINAL DRAFT: West World Order: LP

Jul 28, 2014

You’ve got to be doing something extremely fucking well to get the thumbs up from a powerviolence guru such as Chris Dodge, who may not be as involved in the scene as he once was but let’s face it: the man still knows what the fuck is up. The “cave dweller” has gone on record proclaiming that Final Draft’s West World Order is up to par with the later period Spazz records and after finally coming around to giving this platter a spin, I’m inclined to agree with him. A clone or re-hash band, you might say? Nah, man. This shit is straight up west-side, not west-bay. Crush, Kill, Destroy intensity with a wrong-turn-off-the-405-freeway exit thrash / grind malevolence. Seventeen counts of powerviolence in the first degree. If you’re looking for hype, then keep looking, goober: you looking to get straight musically ig’nant? Look no further.

 –Juan Espinosa (RSR)