FINAL CONFLICT: Nineteen Eighty-Five: LP

Nov 13, 2013

Jeez, I must’ve seen these cats about a billion times back in the glory/gory days of Fender’s Ballroom in Long Beach. As I recall, they were one of a few bands that marked a line in the sand between some of the older punks who didn’t like the increasingly stratified—and increasingly metal, with all the stupid mentality in tow—direction punk/hardcore was going, and the younger crowd coming up who were often only interested in shit they could slamdance to. Like fellow locals Dissension, Final Conflict’s sound hinted at the thrash-influenced metal direction a lot of bands were veering towards back then, yet they managed to keep both feet and lyrical subject matter firmly planted in the anarcho-hardcore of bands like Crucifix and Discharge. Collected here is their first demo, recorded in the titular year employing the primitive ways and means that were the norm back then. The sound here’s only slightly muffled (we’re talking about recordings that date back some twenty-eight years, you know) but the tunes, some of which made it onto their ripping Ashes to Ashes LP are choice cuts of tight, breakneck-paced thrash and angry rants about war, the system, and other assorted subjects that remain too uncomfortably topical.

 –jimmy (540,