FINAL CONFLICT: Ashes to Ashes: CD

Jul 07, 2006

I remember the first time I saw these guys at Fenders way back when I was still sporting a silly haircut and before this, their first album, came out. I had previously dismissed ‘em as some lame peacenik Discharge rip-off, and so was completely baffled when Ron began verbally berating the audience from the get-go. BAM! Jimmy’s an instant fan. Lyrically and musically they were very much like contemporaries like Iconoclast and Body Count (no, not the Ice-T band, dweeb), with much emphasis on war, nuclear destruction, pigs, etc., but a more than passing metal influence in the guitar distanced them from the rest. Like a previous CD reissue, this includes tracks from a preceding demo, but this version also includes a couple of cover songs from an even earlier demo. The verdict remains the same; however, if you like yer hardcore fast, tight and political, you can’t go wrong with these guys.

 –jimmy (SOS)

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