FINAL CONFLICT: Ashes to Ashes: LP

Hot on the heels of the release of the 1985 Demo album comes this reissue of the band’s debut full length. Originally released by Pushead’s Pusmort label in 1987, this bad boy was/is a top-shelf example of a transitional period in L.A. hardcore where metal-suffused hardcore was rapidly becoming the order of the day. Though the metal is in full evidence, they nonetheless kept their output firmly in the hardcore camp, mixing wiggly guitar slinging withDehumanization-era Crucifix-inspired anarcho punk sensibilities and lyrical content, delivered at breakneck velocities. Included is a booklet coupling a reproduction of the original booklet with additional photos, testimonials, and remembrances. Nice look back at what is now, and rightly so, considered a classic of the genre. 

 –jimmy (Tankcrimes)