Sep 23, 2011

Filthy Charity crank out tried and true crust grind. Fast, near chaotic, dual vocals from hell, and drums that sound like they’re mincing everything down to mere particles. I like this, but find that a whole album side can be tedious when it’s the same thing song after song. Granted, it’s the nature of the genre. But more time changes would really help separate the songs from one another. Wardead, however, really pick things up with their side. They definitely have a Nausea influence with the dual male/female vocal style and metallic crust sound. A bit fast, but not a blur, and you can hear everything in the songs. The songs are near-blistering in their delivery. “Dealers in Death” is a rager that has a few tempo changes to make everything dynamic. “Hypocrite” is urgent as hell. Check out the bass line at the beginning. The energy is constant and the passion comes across in their playing. Would like to hear more, but it seems, at least according to their info on the back cover, they are no more. Hmmmm...

 –M.Avrg (Undislessed, [email protected] / Enthropy, [email protected])