FILTH: Live the Chaos: 7” EP

Here’s the latest repressing of this sacrosanct 7”. This time, it is on Silver Sprocket (formerly? Springman), but the covers appear to be left over from Life Is Abuse (since the Life Is Abuse info lays where the Lookout! info once did). Though the covers might be old, the plates are new and the vinyl is transparent mucus green. I feel different about this than I when I first  heard it. When I first heard this EP, I had the thought that the instrumentation was a bit slow for the vocal style. I have no idea why. Anyhow, I didn’t exactly get Filth the first time around. Cheaper Than the Beer (Blatz), on the other hand, I took to instantly. I picked up the majestic Shit Split on CD because of Blatz, but I fell in love with Filth. Whatever I thought was wrong with the four songs from this EP went out the window. In short, the songs rage. The songs are simple and repetitive in structure, the vocals are screeched; nothing too out of the ordinary. But when Filth does it, it works fucking perfectly. You get the Zen-ish “Today’s Lesson”; the stay-punk credo “Lust for Glory”; a story of young love and loss in “Hate”; and the anxiety-ridden wrath of making decisions about destruction from a post-apocalyptic mindset in “Freedom,” all on one hallowed piece of vinyl. Just go get this now!

 –Vincent (Silver Sprocket,