FILLING THE VOID : $5, 8½” x 7”, copied, 56 pgs.

Nov 20, 2012

Drinking and substance problems are hard things to deal with. Not just personally, but also within friendships and communities. Quitting altogether has helped a lot of people, but being preachy, dogmatic, or prescriptive is not any way to help someone who is struggling with a substance. This zine is a good resource in case anyone wanted to think about quitting, or was curious about what it’s been like for people in the punk community. The seven interviews within go pretty in-depth about personal drinking/using histories, how they came to quit, and what that’s looked like for them—a popular writer of a booze-heavy zine examines how he had to restructure everything he did to evaporate the alcohol intrinsic to his socializing and activities; a non-religious, generally shy person finds that AA is the only thing that could’ve gotten them to quit, etc. There is lots of nitty-gritty about what the day-to-day looks like: how you cope with being asked to pass someone a beer, how to hang out outside of drinking situations, what some helpful ways to occupy your time are. The interviews are conducted really well, done by people who have quit themselves, and are really perceptive and insightful. Having watched how hard it’s been for a lot of my friends to follow this path, but how mostly those who have are in a fantastic place and super thankful they had the strength to quit, I am very grateful this zine was put together. If you’re curious at all about quitting, maybe check this thing out. -Dave Brainwreck (Doris Press, PO Box 29, Athens, OH45701,