Jul 06, 2007

I have been accused of being an asshole many of times through the years. I am human. Some people should never be behind a microphone. At least find a brand of music that fits your vocal style (if you have any). Also, there are so many effects, harmonizers and plug-ins that can enhance a voice. The singer is so monotone and dry, and it is barely in key. It sounds almost laughable. Reminds me of those terrible white power bands with the third grade lyrics and the remedial song structures. It just does not have any oomph! On a lot of this record, the drummer sounds like he goes off time. The guitar sounds like it’s being played out of a practice amp. The drums are also thin and the cymbals are the loudest sound in the mix. The bass is the only thing that sounds good. The only power I hear is the gravely delivery of the singer. Man, that was bad. At least they have a nice cover and were pressed on red colored vinyl.

 –don (Insurgence)