FIGHT, THE: Self-titled: CD

Oct 16, 2008

Sometimes when you review stuff you have to contrast how you much you like something with how good a job it does of what it tries to do. I don’t see myself that impressed with this CD in contrast with a lot of other music. However, I am sure that this band formed with the intention of impressing me. Even so, nobody I have played this for believes me when I show them the band photo – they look way too young to be making music as well as they are, and everyone is shocked the singer is female – she doesn’t sound like a boy so much as she has a really unique vocal style, especially to contrast her with most female vocalists. I bet these guys will be a real hit with the kids, and I just hope they stick it out for a while. A few years from now, and possibly with a better name, I can imagine being completely in awe here. I do worry. They walk a fine line away from being the next Blink 182 or whoever, but they are definitely on the right side of that line.

 –rich (Fat)