FIGHT, THE / REPRESION: The Fight Against Represion: 7”

Sep 11, 2012

The Fight is a Polish band that plays solid, mid-tempo, low-end hardcore. For all I know the shitty production on the songs might hurt them, but without anything to compare it to, I kind of like the muddy sound quality. They remind me at times of emo/crust crossover stuff that Ebullition was putting out in the nineties. Their lead singer has a ragged, shouting vocal style. The song topics vary from the personal to the political, but I can’t help but like the one where she sings about her dog the best. Represion are a Basque political band with a whole lot of revolutionary spirit. They’re kind of crusty but more interesting, not unlike Nausea, but way faster. Similar to The Fight’s side of the record, they also have a cool, lo-fi recording that allows the tight, thundering drumming to stand out; as well, the overexcited lead singer who’s often backed up by the rest of the band on some gang vocals.

 –Craven (Nikt Nic Nie Wie, [email protected])

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