FIGHT, THE: Home Is Where the Hate Is: CDEP

Jun 23, 2009

Youth is what keeps punk vibrant. This thought is showcased here with this band which has no one older than eighteen years old. You can feel the youthful energy and the exceptional knack for writing music. Female vocalist, K8, has a strong voice that is not too gruff but is melodic at the same time. Her male backed band play at a mid-tempo pace that falls in line with a melodicore sound mixed with their homebase UK environment. I would picture this band on the Crackle label instead of Fat. But they jumped the gun first and heard the potential to take a chance in an unknown band. A full length is supposed to be coming out. I can’t wait to hear it and see how far they have progressed. Off the top of my head, the band sounds like a more melodic Lunachicks. Great debut!

 –don (Fat)