FIGGS, THE: Casino Hayes: 7”

May 18, 2010

The Midwest is lousy with longtime underrated or slow-to-be-appreciated bands. I’m not sure what the correlation between oceans and widespread popularity is, but Milwaukee’s Figgs have been playing straight-ahead, under-the-radar, thoughtful poppy rock’n’roll for years and years. They’re also a “fan of music” band, a “band’s band”—a band that’s happy to sit down and chat with you, see if you’re enjoying yourself, instead of lighting itself on fire, shoving themselves into a cannon, and ripping their clothes off so you take notice (only to be forgotten just as quickly). They toured with the Knack in the mid-’90s, should be on the same couch as Cheap Trick (or at least the same living room) in people’s minds, and have laid down two more rockin’, steady, mellower tracks here.

 –todd (Peterwalkee,