Jul 10, 2009

Both bands are so close. There are real crisp glimpses of originality and musicianship. Fifth Hour Turn, at their best, are reminiscent of the top of what Discount released. Swelling, sweltering guitars, crisp and interlocking bass and drums, and lady singer who can belt it like a lash and sounds like her heart's exploding. When the guy sings, it veers really close to Hot Water Music territory. It's a little more gruff and tumble, which isn't bad, per se, but I'd like an eking of a sound more distinctly their own. At worse, the songs get too repetitive. They rut in their hooks a little too long, the lyrics repeat a little too much, and I start looking in my collection for Half Fiction or Fuel for the Hate Game. Gunmoll's a strange bunch. Half of the songs on here are my favorite – bar none – by them.  "Forget Me Not" plays along like a burlap noose that the lead singer's swinging from, while the guitars play, graze, and blaze. They play like the world's on fire around them. Yet, the other half, like "Point," are almost hard to get through, thinking that the Leatherface ballad xeroxing machine is set a little too closely to their coffee maker. Both bands are so close.


 –todd (No Idea)